Solving thermal challenges

About the company

Va-q-Tec has been pioneering the development of innovative solutions in the insulation industry since 2001 on the basis of energy efficient, space saving and environmentally friendly vacuum insulation panels (VIPs).

In addition to VIPs, Va-q-Tec develops and sells other products such as high-performance thermal packaging and airfreight containers as well as heat and cool storage elements (PCM).

The technology and products of Va-q-Tec provide energy efficient solutions to a variety of industries, such as pharma, high-tech, construction and automotive.

Energy transition & climate
Insulation products

Why we invest in the company

Passive containers are gaining market share compared to active (electric) and cold ice applications. The growth of Va-q-Tec is now being driven more broadly than just the rental of passive containers while Covid and the energy crisis have structurally increased demand for passive cooling. Continued strong demand from pharmaceutical customers combined with growth in other end-markets will drive growth for the foreseeable future.

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